The Department of Public Libraries came into existence from 1st November 1966 consequent upon the implementation of Mysore Public Libraries Act, 1965. Karnataka has been the third state in the country to come under a Library Act.  The Department of Public Libraries has been established by the Government of Karnataka in order to inculcate interest in education, communication and development of reading habit among the General Public in the state.  Under the act, a network of about Seven thousand libraries have been functioning all over the State.

network of the Public Libraries in the state includes State Central Library at the state level, District Central Libraries at the District level and City Central Libraries at all Cities, together with libraries at the taluk, municipality and Gram Panchayat levels.

For the proper functioning of Public Libraries, the Library authorities are functioning throughout the state at state, city and District levels as under:

State Central Library 1
City Central Libraries in the State 26
Branches of City Central Libraries in the State 200
Bangalore City Central Libraries with Zones 5
Branches of City Central Libraries in Bangalore 100
Districts Libraries in the State 30
Taluka Libraries 177
Gram Panchayat Libraries 5766


The Department of Public Libraries in the state of Karnataka has been one of the best in the entire country in its network as well as services. Since half a century of its existence, the Department has grown in to greater heights. It has organized several National and International Conferences and contributed to the profession at large. During this conference, it has been planned to invite all the Heads of Public Libraries in different states of the country and give rise for a meaningful debate on the development of Public Library system in the Country.