The acronym LIS Academy stands for “Library & Information Science Academy”. Like-minded library professionals established LIS Academy as a professional charitable Trust established to work for the development of the Profession and to assist Libraries with the state-of-art technology and to honour the professionals with awards and recognitions. The primary focus was to provide need-based service to the profession and to work for the advancement of Library and Information Science (LIS). The current focus of LIS Academy is to reach the unreached LIS professionals with rural settings in order to minimize the digital divide. It also aims at the working for the Public Libraries, the segment which almost remains as an area of neglect.


Learn Inspire Serve. to become the best, active and dynamic professional body by supporting the professionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and values of librarianship using innovative and cutting-edge technology and by adopting best and fair practices and innovative ideas.


As a charitable Trust, LIS Academy aims to spread multi-dimensional utility and overall growth of profession of Librarianship, through education, literature, research, Publications, outsource, Training programs, consultation and collaboration.